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About us

What is the Cultural Preparation Course for North African Students coming to Europe?

At present most European Universities have a language training offer for arriving exchange/foreign students. Language training is usually provided right before or at the start of the exchange students’ study programme at the host university.

However, for incoming students from North Africa, not only language training is essential but also cultural preparation before or at the start of the European study experience would be highly appreciated. It is true that the cultural differences between the two regions (North Africa – Europe) are not to be underestimated and often lead to problems of cultural integration. Indeed, the Tarragona Declaration (June 3, 2005) states that at this stage the participation of the universities to the construction of Euro-mediterranean partnership appears to be much necessary and urgent, given that the most consistent obstacles encountered for the completion of this process are of a cultural nature. Furthermore, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership report suggests that education should be a priority with focus on exchange, mobility, networks and the use of the internet.

This project supports the abovementioned goals and envisages the creation of a cultural training package (which can be of use both to students who consider and to those who start a European study experience) as well as a toolbox for HEIs interested in implementing cultural training programmes in the future. Apart from the cultural training (in the broad sense of the word) which will be provided through this course, the North African students will receive in-depth background information on the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna Process, which is often not well known in the target region and should be promoted in a more active way. 

Why  this project?

The project partnership is convinced that given the present circumstances an initiative of this nature can be of extreme value as it will generate a dialogue and a better understanding between the peoples and the cultures of Europe, North Africa and beyond. Furthermore, the outcome of the pilot initiatives launched in the framework of the present project with European and North African partner universities will be carefully disseminated into universities in all North African countries as well as the Middle East and will eventually be beneficial to the wider EHEA. 

Who can participate?

  • Student Population in North Africa (both candidate students and arriving students at European Universities)
  • North African, Middle Eastern and European Student Population at large
  • EHEA and the EuroMediterranean Higher Education Area - The EuroMediterranean Society as such


The "Cultural Preparation Course for North African Students coming to Europe" partnership is comprised of eight universities and research institutions from six european and two northafrican contries.

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