Module II. The European Multinational and Multicultural Identity: assets and tensions, immigration and integration policies

2.1.1. The borders of Europe

The apparently most simple solution - a geographical definition of Europe - is not simple (consider the political gymnastics of determining where Europe begins and ends, for example in the case of Turkey, Ukraine or Belarus). There is (so far) no clearly defined political territory of Europe. 1

Activity 2

  • A. Do you know what the real geographical centre of Europe is? Try to pinpoint it on the map:

    - Brussels
    - Berlin
    - Vilnius

right answer

  • B. Look at the pictures below. All three of them present a square, one in Berlin, one in Brussels, one in Lille. Can you guess what they all have in common?

    - All of them are called Place de l’ Europe / Europe square
    - All of them are a bus terminal
    - All of them where bombed during WO II
    What do these squares tell you about how European citizens view the Union?

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1 Ohlendorf, Edmund. European Identity as a subject for teaching and learning. EDUVINET, 1998.


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